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Where We Offer Innovative Water Efficiency Solutions​

KAB WATER Ltd is a water engineering and management consulting company based in the City of Kigali in Rwanda. Our company provides professional expertise in Water Demand Management, Water Supply Services, Water Infrastructure Planning, Design and Management, as well as Training and Capacity Building.

The company was founded by its Managing Director Dr. Asaph Kabaasha, a water engineer with more than 11 years’ experience in design and management of water supply systems.


To provide practical engineering solutions to water engineering related problems for efficiency and sustainability.


To be a leading water engineering consulting company in Rwanda.

Our services

Kab Water Ltd offers following specialist engineering services:

1. Water Demand Management

We offer services in: Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction, Leakage and Pressure Modelling, Water Audit and Balance, Pressure Management, Minimum Night Flow Analysis, Water Demand Forecasting and Master Plan Development, Water Systems Efficiency Interventions, Water Revenue Management and Tariff Design and Customer Inventory.

2. Water Supply Services

Our water supply services include; Design of Rural and Urban Water Supply Systems, Design of Water Intake Structures, Design and Operation of Water Treatment Plants and Management and Operation of Water Pipe Networks.

3. Water Infrastructure Planning, Design and Management

We offer services in: Water Infrastructure Inventory and Evaluation, Assessment of Infrastructure for Service Requirements, Design and Sizing of Infrastructure, Optimization of Water Infrastructure and Infrastructure Quantification and Cost Estimation.

4. Training and Capacity Building

We offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses tailored for water utility personnel to equip them with latest knowledge. Some of the topics include: Leakage and Pressure Modelling in Water Distribution Pipe Networks, Water Demand Management Techniques, Pressure Management Zone (PMZ) Design and Implementation, Water Loss Reduction, Water Metering and Auditing.

Our expert team

Meet our highly experienced, dedicated management and engineering team.

Dr. Asaph Kabaasha

Managing Director

Rene Nsanzubuhoro

Technical Director